Welcome to the Devrabic Roadmap!

This page serves as a complete roadmap for our web development course. It offers a step-by-step plan that covers all the essential topics and skills necessary to become a proficient web developer.

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Week 1 (FREE)

Introduction to the course

The introduction section of the course provides an overview of what you can expect to learn and gain from the course.

Change your Mindset

To be able to succeed, you need first to understand how a developer thinks.

Week 2

Setup what's needed

For a seamless beginning, we must establish our environment and configure our Git settings.

Start with HTML

Learning HTML is an essential foundation for any web developer, and our course will guide you through learning its fundamentals and advanced techniques.

Week 3

Master CSS

Mastering CSS is crucial for creating visually appealing websites, and our course will help you learn the ins and outs of CSS, from basics to advanced concepts.

Get Into SCSS

Unlock the power of SCSS and elevate your front-end development skills.

Do a CSS Project

Week 4

Start Javascript

Dominating JavaScript is key to creating dynamic and interactive websites, and our course will teach you the necessary skills to become proficient in this essential programming language.

Get to know how to use Github

Craft Projects

Crafting web development projects is an important step in applying the skills you've learned, and our course will guide you through building a variety of projects to reinforce your knowledge and expand your portfolio.


Week 7

Build an ecommerce App

Let's embark on the journey of creating a full-stack application. We will be developing an e-commerce application, which promises to be a valuable learning experience in real project development.

Week 8

Get a job

As we reach the conclusion of our course, the last week will be dedicated to diligently searching for employment opportunities and successfully securing a position that aligns with our career goals and aspirations.

Get certificate

Devrabic provides a certificate after you complete the course, you can apply for one on our website.