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The Platinum Plan
Platinum is a new Dervabic plan, specialised in training you to be able to make money out of Development, yes, training. Platinum isn't just some kind of course videos, with platinum, you get to be personally trained by us.Platinum Content:
When you enroll in platinum, you get to schedule 4 meetings with us on a span of 16 days, so 1 session every 3 days, each of the meetings talks about a specific topic and method that will help you make money out of web development.
First Session:
Topic: How To Find a Job as a Web Developer.
Duration: 2 hours
Description: In the first session, we will teach you all the needed fundamentals to be able to land a job at high tech companies like google, tiktok, facebook etc... Insuring that you master all the communication skills that you would need to pass the interview, in addition to interview training made by devrabic specially for platinum students.
Second Session:
Topic: How to Freelance as a Web Developer.
Duration: 2 hours
Description: In the second session, we will teach you how to make money as a web developer by freelancing, because of course, not everyone wants to land a job, even if it was a development job. In this session, you will master the skills needed to handle freelance projects, such as how to handle clients, refunds, reports, etc... In addition to teaching you how to not get scammed in freelance, and most importantly, how to find a lot of clients to work for.
Third Session:
Topic: Networking for Developers
Duration: 1 hour
Description: Learn essential strategies to grow your professional network as a developer. Discover effective ways to connect with industry peers, mentors, and potential clients or employers. From leveraging social media to attending events, master the art of building valuable relationships for career advancement.
Fourth Session:
Topic: Crafting Your Personal Brand as a Developer
Duration: 1 hour
Description: Dive into the world of personal branding and learn how to stand out as a developer. Explore techniques to define your unique value proposition, showcase your skills and expertise, and establish a strong online presence. From optimizing your LinkedIn profile to creating compelling portfolio projects, discover strategies to effectively communicate your professional identity to potential employers, clients, and collaborators. By the end of this session, you'll have the tools and knowledge to build a powerful personal brand that sets you apart in the competitive tech industry.
That's not all!
Every developer needs a database full of assets to use while coding, after all, not everything has to be made from scratch, and for that reason, I prepared you a huge database full of websites and assets that will help you.
The database contains the following:
1. AI Tool
2. Icons
3. Materials
4. Fonts
5. Images
6. Color Palettes
7. CSS Frameworks
8. JavaScript Libraries
9. Animations
10. UI Kits
11. Templates
12. SVG Graphics
13. Documentation
Furthermore, you will have access to over 50 generic code snippets that you can use in any project you want and website templates fully ready, which will help you save as much time as possible while you code.Pricing
This whole package settles only at $199.99, with 20% off to VIP members.
Instructor: Mike Majdalani

Want 1-on-1 help in your coding journey?

For all of you that would like to have a private call or coding session with Mike or any of the Devrabic team. We offer one on one sessions for different price tags.DevrabicThe session will be beneficial for anyone who is struggling understanding a part of his code, is working on a new tech that is not covered in this course, who just needs career path advise and orientation, or anything else.Book your session via Discord NOW!